Explaining MVP

MVP, in a nutshell, is a design pattern that achieves proper layering and separation of concerns of your presentation layer, business logic and data model. Following this design would result in your application being much more maintainable and testable. This is what MVP looks like in Android: The View layer, usually an activity or fragment, will be … Continue reading Explaining MVP

Building Universal Frameworks in iOS

Apple does not provide an easy way to generate universal frameworks using Xcode alone. Because of this, developers generally write a shell script to build the frameworks for simulators and devices. We then use the “lipo” command to combine the different architectures into one universal framework. Prior to app submission to the App and Play … Continue reading Building Universal Frameworks in iOS

Android Weekly Roundup 16.11.29

Android News: The SD Association is introducing a new performance class and card symbol that will help consumers identify SD cards that meet specifications that can optimally run mobile applications.  Android Marshmallow is credited with inspiring the new class and symbol, as Marshmallow introduced the ability to adopt external storage and treat it as internal from … Continue reading Android Weekly Roundup 16.11.29

Genius 5.0

In June this year, we had to make a decision around the life of our Innovations demonstration app, based on our fictional bank, Genius. The app had served us very well, having been presented at numerous FinTech conferences and to many, many clients over its lifetime. Over time, UX concepts have changed and progressed, and … Continue reading Genius 5.0

iOS Weekly Roundup 16.11.23

Updates Since the last release of iOS 10.2 beta 3, Apple has not published any new updates for the iPhone ecosystem. This has been the same for both Xcode and TestFlight, and might mean that the products have become quite stable. We should expect a GM version released soon. News Just days after the company launched an iPhone 6 Plus repair program for … Continue reading iOS Weekly Roundup 16.11.23

Android Weekly Roundup 16.11.22

Android News: Google banned users from their services after discovering a Pixel phone reselling scheme wherein users were purchasing the phone and shipping it to New Hampshire where a third-party would mark up the price and resell.  The ban would likely affect more than just the services provided by Google, such as Drive, Photos, and … Continue reading Android Weekly Roundup 16.11.22