Android News:

Videos from Droidcon NYC have begun to appear on the Touchlab channel on Youtube.  Features talks from a wide range of industry leaders like Facebook, Google, Pinterest, and Square.

Ars Technica has updated their tome-like history of Android.  Great read if you have a long commute and are keen to learn more about the beginning and iterations of Android.

Android Auto is now a standalone app. This gives everyone access to the simplified, clean interface, that in dash devices enjoy, on our smartphones.

Google has hired the creators of LeapDroid, an Android emulator for Windows.  The emulator specialised in performance and gaming on Windows machines. It may indicate a push by Google for even further improvements to the emulator engineers use for testing and development of Android applications.

Eclipse support has officially ended.  The IDE was one of the first to provide plugin support for Android but was allowed to end its run after Android Studio, based on Jetbrain’s Intellij IDE, ‘eclipsed’ it as the IDE of choice for Android development.

Google News:

Google Search will display U.S. election results after polls close.

Gmail for iOS received an update that brings better performance, especially within in app search.

Google Search is now prioritising its mobile index over desktop.  Google again showing that it believes mobile first is the future and a large part of its strategic plan in the future.

According to a Google Transparency Report, more websites are being visited securely (via HTTPS), up from around 40% to around 65%.

Google Wallet is still alive and apparently now is a web app.  Wallet’s physical cards were decommissioned some time ago. The future of Wallet wasn’t entirely certain with the introduction of Android Pay.


Firebase Dev summit just concluded. Watch the videos online.

Chrome Dev summit this week.

GDG Meetup. Tensorflow in the Cloud and Task-locking Android Apps.  JSA, Level 4, Auckland.

Image courtesy of 00はがはがはが

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