Android News:

Google responds to the European Union’s assertion that it used Android’s dominance in the smartphone market to push Google services on to OEMs.  Central to the argument is that Apple’s iPhone isn’t real competition to Android.

In an example of Google forcing OEMs to adhere to their standards, Google has stated in their Compatibility Definition Document that every manufacturer should use USB Power Delivery for charging Android phones rather than Qualcomm’s proprietary method.

Chrome for Android exploit, found by Kaspersky Labs, allowed a browser advertisement to automatically initiate a download of malware was corrected by Google.

Android has an official Instagram account now.

In an interview with VP of Consumer Business Group for Hauwei, was told that Huawei declined to build the Pixel phones for Google because of branding.  Huawei has been making great leaps in market share and didn’t wish to act as contractor for another device.

Android Pay has been expanded again with more financial institutions choosing to participate, including Capital One.

Google News:

Chrome’s VP of Product Mangement tweeted that Chrome is active on over 2 billion devices; Chrome is the most popular web browser on the market.

Google has announced they will attempt to limit the use of Adsense by websites that offer false or fake news. The move is an attempt to deny these sites of revenue generated by advertising. After the U.S. elections this past week, Google made the news when a fake news site was the first search result when users were looking for the election results.

Google’s self-driving cars can now make 3 point turns, some humans still struggle.

Google Play Music gets an update to its UI and is implementing machine learning to help provide better service to its users.

YouTube’s VR app has been released. You’ll need a Daydream headset and controller along with a Daydream enabled phone to use it.

Scientists at the University of St. Andrews have taken Project Soli, Google’s radar technology for gestures, and made it possible to identify objects if its close enough.  For example, it can identify body parts, an apple from an orange, or a full glass of water from an empty one.


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