Android News:

Google banned users from their services after discovering a Pixel phone reselling scheme wherein users were purchasing the phone and shipping it to New Hampshire where a third-party would mark up the price and resell.  The ban would likely affect more than just the services provided by Google, such as Drive, Photos, and Youtube.  The users would have found themselves banned from any site/service that uses Google authentication for instance.  And  a day later, Google lifted the ban because users weren’t aware of the clause which triggered the violation.

BitSight researchers found a vulnerability in BLU devices.  The firmware vulnerability allows the owner of two hardcoded Internet domains, which were unregistered until BitSight got them, to execute software on the devices with root privilege.  So far over 2.8 million phones have attempted to connect to these domains coming from healthcare, government, and banking sectors.

Kryptowire researchers found a backdoor installed on low-end devices, including BLU phones.  The backdoor sent user data to servers in China to help target advertising.  The company responsible stated that it was developed specifically for China markets and was unintentionally included in BLU devices sold in the U.S.

Gingerbread and Honeycomb are being deprecated in Google Play Services release 10.

Google released a new app that will help users scan their old physical photographs into Google Photos.  Photoscan detects edges, removes glare, and straighten and rotates the image which can then be saved quickly to the users account.

Moto Z phones are receiving the latest Android OS and as a bonus it makes the Daydream ready.

Google News:

Google Canada is providing a grant to the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms to fund more faculty members to research machine learning and AI.

Americans can now preorder the Google WiFi router.  New Zealand still has to wait.  😦

Google Translate gets a shot of steroids.  Neural machine translation is now integrated into the service and provides better, more natural translations for 8 languages.  And its available for use via Google Cloud Platform API.

RAISR, Rapid and Accurate Image Super-Resolution, is a new technique from Google Research that is able to create a higher resolution image from a low resolution image by using machine learning which is run at 10 to 100 times faster than other techniques.

Google Maps will now be able to display real time data about locations to help identify crowds.  While Maps has been reporting on estimated busy times for locations for about a year, now it is doing so with live data.


Devoxx U.S. just announced the first round of speakers.  March 21-23 2017, San Jose, CA, USA.

Image courtesy of 00はがはがはが

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