iOS Weekly Roundup 16.11.30


Apple has just released a new beta 4 version of iOS 10.2 to public developers on 28th of Nov. This update mainly contains some bug fix, especially for the TV App as stated in the release note, and some minor notes and known issues. A YouTube channel founds that the beta 4 is a bit slower compare with previous version, you can check that in this video.


A malicious video link that when played in Safari causes iOS devices to crash has been discovered. The bug appears to affect iOS builds as far back as iOS 5, while iPhones running iOS 10.2 beta 3 are said to power off and show the spinning wheel indefinitely. YouTube channel “EverythingApplePro” has posted a demonstration (i.e. not the original video) showing the exploit in action.

According to a brief report in “The Korea Economic Daily”, Apple is working with LG on a new dual camera module capable of 3D photography effects for potential use in its 10th anniversary iPhone. It is said that the “LG Innotek’s” smartphone camera will most likely be integrated into the new iPhone model.

The ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) rejected an application from several major Australian banks  that sought to collectively negotiate with Apple to establish a deal that would allow them to offer their already-established bank-run mobile payments services using the iPhone’s NFC chip. The banks require ACCC’s permission to negotiate with or boycott Apple Pay without violating anti-cartel laws. Apple vigorously opposed the initial request, stating that allowing banks to access hardware within the iPhone would compromise security, undermine customers’ privacy, and harm innovation.

A web developer and graphic designer has created a fully functioning touchscreen “Apple Mirror”  offering a reflective look just like a real mirror. The “Apple Mirror”, which base on iOS 10, features the date and time in the top right corner and a weather forecast in the top left. Beneath these sit several working iOS app icons which can be rearranged with the drag of a finger.

Google has announced a new feature to its Search and Maps apps that enables shoppers to know how busy a store is in real-time. The live feature comes on the back of the company’s Popular Times feature, introduced last year, that lets users check how busy a place typically is at different times of the week.


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