iOS Weekly Roundup 16.11.16

Updates On 14th of Nov, Apple released its second beta version of Xcode 8.2 to public developers. The release note contains not just some bug fix but also adds more Touch Bar actions to this version. Touch Bar API is available for macOS 10.12.2 or higher. On the same day, A new beta 3 version of iOS 10.2 is also … Continue reading iOS Weekly Roundup 16.11.16


Android Weekly Roundup 16.11.15

Android News: Google responds to the European Union's assertion that it used Android's dominance in the smartphone market to push Google services on to OEMs.  Central to the argument is that Apple's iPhone isn't real competition to Android. In an example of Google forcing OEMs to adhere to their standards, Google has stated in their … Continue reading Android Weekly Roundup 16.11.15

Android Weekly Roundup 16.11.09

Android News: Videos from Droidcon NYC have begun to appear on the Touchlab channel on Youtube.  Features talks from a wide range of industry leaders like Facebook, Google, Pinterest, and Square. Ars Technica has updated their tome-like history of Android.  Great read if you have a long commute and are keen to learn more about the beginning … Continue reading Android Weekly Roundup 16.11.09